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Glengormley Sportsbowl Arcade Games!

If you like games and the thrill of winning, you don’t have to go into the heart of Belfast to find what you’re looking for. Here in Glengormley Sportsbowl, we have the latest selection of arcade games, kids games and pool tables for your enjoyment.  From classic games like “Down the Clown” to the kids favourite “Rainbow Catcher”, we have a fine selection of games to suit all ages.

Play games for the fun of it or play to win at Glengormley Sportsbowl!

How many tickets do you think you could win?

Tickets can be exchanged for prizes in our strikers shop at reception, or you can of course save your tickets on one of our Sportsbowl cards, for bigger and better prizes. Something to entertain all the family! Please contact us for further details.