Bowl Aid

Bowl Aid

Available in Glengormley
Monday to Sunday 12pm to Close
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Enjoy your fundraising event at Sportsbowl

Why not let Sportsbowl help you to raise funds by transforming your fundraising event into an enjoyable day or night out for everyone. Whether you are a charity, club or school we can accommodate large groups to help you raise considerable funds for your charity or organisation.

Bowl Aid is a package that offers everyone a fun game of ten-pin bowling followed by a delicious assortment of buffet style food accompanied by a soft drink. All this comes at a cost of just £12 per head and Sportsbowl will donate £5 of each £12 they receive to your charity.

What do you have to do?
Book this with Sportsbowl and we will provide you with your fundraising pack consisting of sponsorship forms - for each member to raise as much money as they can, posters to promote your event and organiser's sheets for you to keep track of the event. Also we will encourage local businesses to sponsor you by letting them display advertising banners on our lane on the day or night of your fundraising event.

Example of how much can be raised
This calculation is based on 16 teams of 5 people, each raising £30 per head.

  • £150 per team = £2,400
  • Add sponsor from 16 banners @£20 each = £320
  • Estimate of raffle income = £100
  • Less cost of Bowl Aid (£7 per head) = £560
  • Profit = £2,260